About Us

Proton Tarım represents a new era at the heart of agriculture.

About Us

Proton Tarım is the harbinger of a revolutionary new era in the agricultural sector. Founded under the roof of Proton Piston under the leadership of Ali SAKALLI, an expert and visionary leader in his field, our company skillfully blends a rich historical heritage with a vision of a bright and innovative future. At the heart of this vision is to bring a fresh and forward-looking perspective to the agricultural sector.

Agriculture is not just about soil and seeds for us; It is a way of life, a passion, a social responsibility. With this awareness, we entered the sector in the production with spraying machines. But we do not only produce machinery; we offer technological solutions that contribute to making agriculture more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Proton Tarım‘s rich industrial know-how and experience from Proton Piston are embedded in Proton Tarım’s DNA. Thanks to this combination, each spraying machine is designed and manufactured to best suit the needs of the sector. While quality and perfectionism are at the center of our activities, our 6000 m2 modern production facilities are a physical reflection of this understanding of excellence.

Each machine is designed to be energy efficient and sustainable by adopting an environmentally friendly approach. This is done both to fulfill our responsibility to nature and to provide long-term economic advantages to farmers. By adopting international quality standards in production, we have registered this understanding with our IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certificates.

As Proton Tarım, we believe that every individual and organization in the agricultural sector should work together for a better future. With this belief, we are in constant communication with our stakeholders in the sector to understand and meet their needs.

Our Mission

Proton Tarım is not only a passive observer of the future of agriculture; it has adopted the mission of actively shaping it and bringing innovative and sustainable spraying machines to the agricultural world by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the age and technology.

With these machines, we aim for our farmers to both increase their productivity and step into ecological agriculture by minimizing their impact on nature.

We listen to the needs of our customers, analyze their demands in detail and produce solutions with an understanding of continuous development. Customer satisfaction is not just a concept for us; it is a principle that lies at the heart of our business.

Our Vision

Proton Tarım‘s vision is to be the leading brand not only in the national but also in the international arena in the production of spraying machines. With our research and development activities, we aim to strengthen not only our manufacturer identity but also our innovative identity that leads the sector. We aim to be the pioneer of the transformation in the agricultural sector with our sustainability, efficiency and environmentally friendly approach. With this vision, together with our farmers and suppliers, we are building the future of agriculture in a greener, more efficient and more sustainable direction.